I'm Kris. I code, design, write, and read. I'm very boring, and very human. Trust me.



Image of IU by WEHEARTIU. Brushes by desperateddeceit. All coded, and designed by me.

Welcome to Virtue! A portfolio doubling as a personal blog. Not the most interesting person, but nonetheless a person!


january 24th, 2015

Again with the disappearing act. Never a good idea. But I'm doing my best to change little by little.

I finally got my badge from the place I take classes at, and it felt like ages since I had it. My picture is terrible as it should be. I never was good at being photogenic, and I look like I usually do. Very unamused and I can't connect with a camera at all.

Anyway, I think I shied away from people and certain commitments because well, routine? I don't want to be caught doing the same ol' same ol'. And I've been wondering why I haven't created any thing worth putting in my portfolio itself. I'll probably adjust Virtue a little for the sake of Virtue being what it really is.

Hopefully we can make it through January without reverting to who I was before. I need to set a limit.


january 11th, 2015

I shouldn't be so busy, but I guess I'm terrible at managing my time as usual. I need to improve on that and limit myself. I am going to classes, not technically school, but math has always been my weakest link, but I can surely improve if I take my time.

I started playing Neopets again, and attempted to play Cheat with the hopes of getting the shiny trophy, but instead I've raged instead. So going to take a small break from that as well, and usually get on for dailies.

Also I'm using programs to learn Korean, and German. Korean has always eluded me on the language, because I never sat down and did my best to put it to memory, and I want to be able to at least read it. Speaking it... would be embarrassing.

Anyway, there needs to be more time in the day. Night comes to quick.


january 3rd, 2015

So hello, and I really do not know what to say honestly. I've always have a difficult time expressing myself. But I will do my best to update as regularly as I can. I'm very thankful for my host, Ariel!

Since it's the New Year. I promised that I've do an assortment of things and challenges which I've failed to do so by the third day. I managed to dance... not even work out to a bunch of "work out" songs which was pretty fun, and hey, endorphins.

  my 2015 list  

  • Get better at drawing
  • Exercise
  • Learn Javascript
  • Be more active
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Pick up reading
  • Write lots more
  • Learn to love myself

Yeah, it's the usual, but it's apparently my year... Which I'm not really aware of Chinese astrology (that's a lie). But I feel lucky. Anyway, I'll continue to fix this up.